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Welcome to! This is a site born out of love for food and appreciation for the many creators who dedicate their time and effort to crafting beautiful plant-based and vegan recipes.

For over a decade, my taste buds have taken me on a journey toward a completely plant-based and vegan diet. As I came across online recipes that resonated with me, I bookmarked them for later use. This practice gradually became a part of my daily routine, and as a result, I began to amass an extensive collection of recipes.

As the number of recipes grew, it was clear that a system was needed to make this collection more navigable. And so, I started tagging recipes (the best I knew how). From appetizing soups to energizing smoothies, from decadent desserts to satisfying main dishes, each recipe was categorized and given its rightful place in my digital recipe book.

Fast forward to over ten years later, this collection has grown to a staggering 16,000 recipes. Some have been retired, others have evolved, and some have stood the test of time, unchanged from when I first discovered them.

Seeing the scale of this collection, my husband, with his limited but dedicated knowledge of web development, worked tirelessly to build this website. is the result of his side project turned into a labor of love.

Initially, the purpose was to create an online repository for my ever-growing collection. But soon we realized that these recipes, a testament to the incredible talent of their creators, deserved to be shared with the world. That's when the concept of truly took shape. We didn't want to take anything away from the original creators - the focus of the content was and continues to be on them.

This website isn't about taking credit for any recipe, but about guiding you, our fellow food enthusiasts, to the original sources of these wonderful recipes. Our goal is to provide a search engine that directs you to delicious and healthy plant-based and vegan recipes that we've loved and bookmarked over the past decade. Think of it as your digital recipe book, a nod to the talented chefs and home cooks whose creations have enriched our lives.

So, please explore, discover, and savor the offerings on If you enjoy your experience on the site, we'd love to hear from you. Please write to us at: [email protected]

Here's to shared recipes, shared love for food, and shared journeys. Enjoy your cooking!

With heartfelt gratitude,
A Fellow Foodie ...and her Techie Sidekick

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